Full service lease

Fleet management solutions customized to your needs.

Picking a Partner

When choosing an equipment lease supplier, you're picking a long term business partner. Your business relies on their ability to maintain your fleet in top performance. With the Tandet T-LEASE you can rest assured that our OEM trained staff, state of the art technology, 24/365 care program and ONECALL support process will be with you every mile of the way. Tandet has a reputation for our commitment to quality, safety, and reliability as well as our flexibility in meeting clients' needs. Our resources support you so that even when peak demand stretches your fleet, your service continues.

‘No Surprises’ Fleet Management

A Tandet Full Service T-Lease eliminates the surprise factor of managing your fleet. Trucks are ordered to your specifications and supported by a preventative maintenance program at a predetermined rate. Outsourcing your fleet maintenance management makes good business sense. It frees-up your time so you can concentrate on your primary business – and frees up your capital for more freedom in financing and growing your business.

Making Your Business More Effective

This is your fleet – be it one or one hundred trucks. Every T-LEASE program is customized. We tailor design equipment specifications with performance features that assist in your delivery such as cranes, heavy duty suspension, power tailgates, roller beds and underloaders. The vehicles’ colour and logo identity will be crafted to your specifications.